Fusion Investments offers a MultiStrat Fund, which is a Regulated Investment Fund, “Smart Fund,” located in Nassau, Bahamas, and is amongst the top performing vehicles in the world.


The pervasive lack of financial services and solutions available to the cannabis industry has left operators and ancillary service provides with only one way to conduct their business: in cash. Aside from the safety issue, cash has virtually no earning power unless it is deposited into a savings account, where it can generate interest. While some financial institutions have opened their doors to cannabis operators, the services they do provide are extremely limited and certainly provide little room for growth.

This is the problem facing legal, licensed, and totally compliant operators within the cannabis industry: whether you’re a dispensary employee wishing to put money aside for retirement, a lawyer with cannabis clients, or a business owner wanting to nurture and grow your capital, there are no investment opportunities and, therefore, you cannot grow your wealth.

This is where Fusion Investments revolutionizes the industry.

The Fusion Multi-Strat Fund

The Canna Friendly Society has licensed the Fusion Multi-Strat Fund (multi-strategy) to manage the investment portfolios for our members. Utilizing world-class investment strategies, our regulated investment fund in Nassau, Bahamas, called a “Smart Fund”, is amongst the world’s top performing investment vehicles. 

The Fusion Multi-Strat Fund Utilizes:

  • A multi-strategy approach with historical returns* underscored by the use of algorithms that have been trading in the FOREX market for years.
  • A hedge against risk when establishing operations, as well as opportunities to invest in both proven and emerging leaders of tech-based agricultural production and Cannabis-based medicines.
  • Superior, tech-based solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence that has been in continual development and enhancement since 2007.
  • Systems providing asymmetric returns that are strictly managed with a low risk profile, creating a unique position in the market.

Our superior, tech-based solutions also incorporate artificial intelligence and have been in continual development and enhancement since 2007. These systems, providing asymmetric returns, are strictly managed with a low risk profile, which is precisely what positions us totally unique in the marketplace.

Our Client’s Needs

As we see non-correlated market investment strategies as the ultimate “hedge” against risk, we are also establishing operations, as well as investing in proven and emerging leaders of tech-based agricultural production, Cannabis-based medicines and non-environmental impact commercial fisheries.

Understanding the future needs of a clean planet, and a growing population’s nutritional demands means utilizing fewer resources to produce more output.

Fusion Investments provides a portfolio of exceptional value to our clients, empowering market disruptive technologies to accomplish superior results.

Why choose the Multi-Strat Fund?

Fusion Investments makes use of state-of-the-art technology and strategies that have been proven to provide consistent and reliable returns. With a team composed of the world’s leading traders and a mix of complex trading strategies, our company now offers one of the finest high-rate investment plans available today:

  • Accounts held with the Prime Broker
  • Limited lock-up and monthly withdrawals
  • Daily and weekly statements
  • 100% full transparency
  • No third-party access to funds in a client’s managed account.

How do we achieve our yields?

First, we position the use of our algorithmic trading models to drive short-term and long-term portfolio gains so that we can also fund for more capital-intensive, time-consumptive tech-based nutritional solutions, Cannabis-based medicinal research, and development facilities.

The ability to generate returns in the short-term while simultaneously executing long-term strategies makes Fusion Investments very unique to any partner who wants more immediate results, but who also has a desire for long-term game-changing tech plays.

Why not have both? Regardless of your interests or needs, the future is now and being at the front of a massive paradigm shift in both food cultivation and medicinal solutions is an opportunity that won’t knock twice!

Leading the way

Being front and center, as well as a clear leader in the next generation of ANY industry is a rare and exceptional placement. We are such a leader in three major market segments, defining us uniquely in any era of modern finance.

*mentioned historical returns are based on the algorithmic trading models employed within our multi-strategy approach.


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