Fusion Bank is an innovative cash management solution for our MMJ community members and is in strict compliance with all required government and central banking and financial regulations.

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Fusion Bank

You can open an account with a zero balance to test the platform however, you will not be able to deposit any funds until your application has been processed and cleared. This allows you to see your bank account online and learn how to navigate through the normal banking processes for bill pay, transfer to other accounts, pay vendors, send outgoing wires and receiving incoming wires.

Fusion BANK provides:

    • A means to move legacy cash into traditional account performance.
    • The ability to pay employees, vendors and tax authorities through customary account methods.
    • A disruptive private account solution to eliminate operating in cash.
    • Private, members-only branch locations in each State operating as a Private Vault Facility or PVF
    • Seed to banking compliance with over 15 years experience conducting all the AML compliance and due diligence on all KYC Applications.
    • Secure cash deposits receive a Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) in the same manner as private vaulting companies.
    • Secure, online and mobile-first banking through Fusion Bank.
    • A cash and treasury management solution, which is fully compliant with the 2014 FinCEN Guidelines. Compliance is the client’s best defense.
    • Enhanced reporting itemizing state, local and municipal taxes conveniently supplied for verification and accuracy of filings.
    • 100% of every dollar in each account insured by a rated private insurance carrier.
    • Peace of mind for employee and public safety; no longer a target for theft or other crimes.
    • Investment options to grow your profits with a competitive annual return.

From its inception, CFS has operated solely as a dedicated cannabis-friendly organization. Fusion Bank is dedicated to building economically sound relationships with cannabis operators who are credible, deposit-worthy and professionally focused on medical cannabis applications and medicinal results for those they serve.

Our account solution platform is continuously monitored by our compliance team, which has decades of experience, to meet and exceed all reporting requirements.

Thorough vetting and reporting is labor-intensive; membership fees are determined based on the specific needs of each client and are still the lowest in the industry.


Operational Cash is hard currency in denominations of $100, $50, $20, $10, $5 and $1’s that are currently stored by the Client on-site where normal daily operations are conducted and the funds are used for ongoing daily, weekly and monthly operational needs. This is the cash associated with routine business activities.

Legacy Cash is hard currency in denominations of $100, $50 and $20 that is:A) currently stored by the Client in a private vault, warehouse or bonded Depository; B) currently stored on location where normal operations are conducted but is palletized or packaged for storage and is not used in normal business operations.

For Fusion Bank to accept a deposit the currency of either kind must be separated by denomination or additional cash processing fees will apply.


1.   Click this link to open a new, no cost, no obligation  FUSION BANK ACCOUNT online. You will receive an email with your credentials, a security key and a link to create your new password. (*Please DO NOT share or lose your security key.)

2.   Download the fillable KYC Application that is specific to your needs and includes the ND/NC. (At the bottom of the online form, you can move your cursor to see the icon to download the form to your computer. Do not fill in the form online. *For security, this site WILL NOT save any field inputs.) Choose from the 2 KYC Applications below:

3.   Complete the KYC, sign, then upload the Application to your FUSION BANK ACCOUNT by going to “Login” > “My Profile” on the left >”Modify” at the top right > scroll down to the bottom to “Documents” and upload your signed KYC Application. *Be sure to “Save.”

4.   Upload all additional required documents into your FUSION BANK ACCOUNT  by following the steps above.

5.   Pay the non-refundable application fee to activate the compliance process which will take 5-7 business days to complete. (Wire transfer, cash, cashiers checks and Venmo are accepted.)

6.   Included in your fee will be the first year membership to the Canna Friendly Society valued at $287! (Subsequent years will be deducted annually from your account)

Fusion Bank approves operators who can show strong business, operational, and compliance practices they have demonstrated in the medical cannabis marketplace.

Our selection process is rigorous and those who we choose to do business with understand that it’s a valued privilege to be accepted as a client of Fusion Bank’s Cannabis-friendly membership.


***To start your bank application process, click on: My Fusion Bank Account

or for more information, email: New Accounts Protection Status