Membership Packages

The first Friendly Society Membership established in the Bahamas was founded in 1834 in Nassau on Emancipation Day. Friendly Societies have evolved a great deal since then to stay current and relevant. Today, a Friendly Society (sometimes called a mutual society, benevolent society, fraternal organization or ROSCA) is a mutual association for the purposes of insurance, pensions, savings or cooperative banking. It is a mutual organization or benefit society composed of a body of people who join together for a common financial or social purpose. Notable examples of companies operating in the United States that were formed as Friendly Societies are Prudential Insurance and the American Association of Retired Persons (“AARP”). The CannaFriendlySociety offers a number of Membership options designed exclusively for the MMJ community creating cost-effective, efficient resources for our members. CFS is a vehicle to provide sophisticated, high-tech membership services for you, your family and your business.


Auto Billed

Per Month
  • Auto-billed Monthly
  • Basic Membership renewed monthly
  • Access to All Member Services
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Billed Annually

20% discount
  • Auto-billed Annually
  • Basic Membership renewed each year
  • Access to All Member Services at 20% discount
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Renewed Automatically

30% discount
  • Auto-billed after 3 years
  • Basic Membership renewed each 3rd year
  • Access to All Member Services at 30% discount
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No Renewal Fees

One-Time Fee
  • NO Renewal Fees
  • Basic Membership For LIFE
  • Access to All Member Services and listed in Lifetime Members Directory
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